Our Girls
Tehachapi's Eaglenest
 Abbey, 20
champions in her 5 generation
pedigree, including Junior
Hunter, Companion dog and
Companion Dog Excellent.  
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Abigail's Pedigree
Eaglesnest Flaming Cajun Reba   
RETIRED  Reba has 27 champions in her pedigree.  She has
Avalon, Kelleygreen and Keepsake breeding. She has CH
Keepsakes Cajun and Keepsakes Brickhouse in her pedigree.

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view Reba's pedigree
RIP Sweet Abigail
Eaglesnest Red Cinder.   Her parents are Windancing's Sailor's Warning and St John's Mountain Moonshine aka Salsa from Countrylabs.  She has turned into a very willing to please adult.  She is
such a joy to have around and wants to be with people all the time.  She especially loves to lay in my lap and get her belly rubbed.  She loves the water and can't get enough of it.  
Cinder is clear of PRA, CNM, EIC
through parentage with Paw Print Genetics.  Certificates of verification available.  OFA/ OFE good.  Cinder has 35 champions in her 5 generation pedigree.  Hunt, show and companion dogs
Eaglesnest Carmel by the Sea..
Carmel is a goofy, very loving dog who has to
touch you if she is with people.  She has had 1
litter and produced beautiful smart puppies.
OFA hips and elbows:  Good
Genetics:  All Clear
CERF: Eyes Clear
Eaglesnest Home Sweet Home Cedar
Cedar is a very smart dog.  She loves to sit next
to us and uses her paw to pull our hand to give
her a belly rub.  Quite a character!
OFA hips and elbows:  Prelim Good
Genetics:  EIC, PRA Carrier
CERF: TBA, appt in January
Eaglesnest "Kacy" Queen of Clubs
Kacy is an old soul.  She is quiet but loves to sit
on your lap.  The easiest dog to train, ever.

OFA hips: Fair  Elbows:  Good
Genetics:  All Clear
CERF: Eyes Clear