Photo Gallery
Dessa, Nyha, Guiness and Sarah.
They remind me of stair steps.  
My nephew Kawika and
Sarah having some
special puppy time.  Our
entire family loves dogs.
This is Guiness, aka Pee Wee.  He is over 80 lbs
and not 1 year old yet.  He loves his "boy", Brody
Guiness and Nyha, finally fall asleep.  They wore
Sarah out, who went to her kennel to sleep with her
snoopy.  Everyone was trying to steal her snoopy.
Sarah's first
day at
She is so
This is also from Sarah's first day home.  Someone was jealous of
the puppy in Daddy's lap.
Even though Abbey was jealous of
Sarah, she also loved having her to
play with.  Sarah did everything the
big dog did.
Sarah loves her Snoopy.  
Leroy let Sarah out to hang with the
big girls and this is where he found
her.  She LOVES water.
Just like
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This is Winston from Abbey
and Bruin,  He is leading a very
happy life.  This is a new
picture from his mom taken
with his little friend.  2 yrs old
We support our Country and our
Troops.  God Bless America
Dudley with Roscoe.  Dudley is from Abbey and Duke.  
Apparently they still sleep the same way.  Dudley just
doesn't fit between Roscoe's legs anymore.
Bailey, from Abbey and
Shooter, helping with dishes.
Scarlett and Duke playing in the
cat tree.  Where are the cats?
Duke McKenzie, from Lucy and
Shooter.  He is a real goof ball and
loves to make you laugh.
Love at first smell.....
This is Dudley when he
was about 3-4 weeks old.
This is Remy,
from Cookie
and Shooter,
she is 6
months when
she got her
first bird.

She was very
Sienna and Sarah riding home.  
They slept most of the way.  Or at
least Sarah did.
Clyde, from Cookie and Bentley's litter
Merry Christmas Mabel,
from Shooter and Reba
Troy Mavros at his doggy day
care with Santa from Cookie
and Shooter
Geese fly over.
This is Rice's
Leed, one of
the males from
Abbey's first
litter.  He is very
well behaved
and loving.  
comes to visit
him, not the
4 boys from
Dudley from
Abbey and
Duke, Clyde,
Boost and
Dozer from
Cookie and
Maddie, from
Reba and
Shooter.  Isn't
     Bones                      Indy                        Brodey                      Shooter
Patriotic Service Dog Foundation & Tackett Service Dogs
Milo as a puppy below and
as a young man on the
couch now.  Beautiful dog!