Labradors in the Flowers.  This paper pieced project took weeks to
do as there are over 1500 individual pieces of fabric to make the
subject blocks.  These are pattern blocks from  This quilt won 1st place and the Dog
Theme Category at the Kern County Fair.  441/2" h X 49" w   
Asking $500
I have been quilting for over 10 years and I love it.  I will do traditional quilts but my love is creating wall hangings as a piece of art.  This is a sample of my work.  These
pieces are for sale but I can also do custom work from a picture you love and with the colors you prefer.  I don't "do" people at this point.  If you are interested in one of
these or to talk about a concept or picture you have, please give me a call or email the picture and we can talk about it.  I also machine quilt tops for people who don't
like to do it.  I have a professional APQS 14' machine.  No computer, all quilting is hand guided.
This is a lap quilt.  The blocks and the border are
paper-pieced.  65" x 65", feet not included.
:)                                                                 Asking  $200
Lap quilt 58 x 58"  This was created from a friendship block
exchange with our guild.                                   Asking $200
Sent from Heaven.  Pattern by Eleanor Burns.
Just Dreamin' a challenge in the guild to use the tan
and the blue fabric.  1st in machine quilting, 2nd use of
theme fabric.
Eaglesnest Quilting
"Rascal Flats"  
This quilt is completely pieced.  There is no applique.  His face
has 92 pieces in it.  He won 1st place at the Kern County Fair    
31" h 39"                                                Asking $800
Original Photo
by Sandy McCain
Memories of Washington  This was a
combination of several photos to make the
mural.   I loved living in Washington.  
Took several
different flower
pictures while
traveling and set
into a
34 w X 32
Asking $200
Kern River at its highest.  This is an abstract
of the Kern River when they were trying to
reduce the water in the Lake Isabella Dam.  It
was beautiful.  The entire quilt is pieced.  
30" x 40"         Asking $150
The Greatest is Love
Not for sale, the blocks are not originals but the
design they are placed in was my idea
Spinning out of control  34 x34"          Asking $75
Donated to: Michael Hofflin
Foundation, helping children and
their families affected by childhood
Watching the
. Done in a
class with Sue
Completely pieced.  $75
Espresso, This is a pattern by McKenna Ryan.  This
is a set of 4 Total dimensions as shown 331/2 x 16 1/2
Asking $100
Won, Best
Quilt of the
Great Kern
County Fair
Also won Rawles
Best Machine
Embroidery Award
Actual photo
Actual photo
Lonesome Star  This was a difficult process.  Not sure I want
to do this again!!  Free motion quilted.
Coneflower, took a class with
Melinda Bula.  So much fun to
By the
friends love to
challenge me.  
Each gave me
a row with an
ocean theme
then I had to
figure out how
to make a quilt
out of them.  I
think it turned
out great.  I
love the pelican
I added.
Quincy.  This
photo is from Jim
York, started in a
class with David
Taylor.  5
months of hand
applique with
300 pieces. And
then quilted on
my domestic
Actual photo
Actual photo
Mr. Majestic Leroy took
a picture of this Elk in
our neighborhood in
Stallion Springs.  I knew I
had to try quilting
Asking $400
#1 Son.  Murphy is
my stepmothers
horse.  The
background is
pieced and the face
is appliqued to add
dimension.  He won
3rd place in the
Western Division at
the Kern County
39 1/2" h X 32" w
Majestic Wings.  Worked
from panels and added
more and more borders to
make King Size, just an
example of what I can do
for you.
A View of the Sea.  I designed this quilt to show
all the parts of the sea.  It hangs in my spare room
with a bed quilt from the fabrics on the sides.  46 x
461/2                                                  Asking $150
Crystal Mill,
Colorado.  Loved
all the colors and
movement of the

Asking $2500
Rocky Mountain High,  made for a friend with
memories and favorite places in Colorado.