Our Boys  Both boys are retired and with new families
Please enjoy pictures of our puppies with Patriotic Service Dogs
Foundation.  They are helping and changing lives, one service
member at a time.
   Bones                      Indy                        Brodey                        Shooter
Above left, Indy, in a down/stay, waiting for her Dad to release her.  She is such a fun dog and stays very busy with Glen.  They do all kinds of stuff but her favorite is
going for a motorcycle ride.  She wears pink goggles.  She races Glen to the bike.  Above right is several of the our dogs in various stages of training.
Howie, short for
Howlitzer is showing
Pluto how to sit and
just hanging out with
Goofy.  Howie had a
wonderful foster Mom
who took him to all
kinds of places and to
Disneyland several
times to train.  He is
getting ready to be
placed with his
servicemember.  He is
a full brother to
Cedar.  They are out
of Reba and Semper
Charlie, Howie and Indy in New York to deliver
Charlie to his Dad.
Bravo "covering" and comforting
Jason as he comes out of surgery.  
The dogs have their back at all times
Milan and Brody the first day
they met.  This was a match
made in Heaven.  Milan worked
with Brody under the wonderful
supervision and training of Tom
Tackett with Tackett Service
Dogs.  They are now forming a
Foundation to help military
service members get service
dogs.  Unfortunately, there is
more need for dogs then there
are trained dogs.  We are all
working together on that.  We
have pledged, at least, one
puppy a year to this program.
On the right, Tom
Tackett with Little
Shooter.  Tom loves this
dog and says he is
really going to miss him
when he goes to his
new home with a lucky
person who will have a
companion for life.