Leroy was talking to Sarah
and she jumped up on him.  
That isn't like her and so he
started dancing with her.  She
is the only girl who gets to
dance with Leroy.
This is Maximus
from Sarah and
Bruin.  He is 4 1/2
months old.  
Obviously a patient
puppy.  He doesn't
act like this is his
first dress up party.
Hershey's Coco Puff and Shadow
waiting for Mom and Dad at the
window.  Did you hide all the cookie
Abbey and her little friend, Lucky.  
Ace of the Chase, dreaming about the big birds in his
The convicts
This gang can cause some trouble. They look
cute, but don't turn your back on 'em
Cookie and Shooters puppy red
collar.  Now named Champion and
loving his new family.
Dr Roe doing a heart check on
Holiday.  Everyone has a very
healthy heart.  YEAH
Missy aka
Karma, 10
months old,
70 lbs from
Abbey and
Duke.  She is
a Rock Star!!
Shooter has the ball and won't let the girls
have it.  Lucy found an old ball to try and
trick him.  He's smarter then that.
Holiday and her Auntie
KoKo, just hanging out.
Bailey from Abbey and Shooter.  
She's the puppy on the
What a beauty she is.
These are pictures of Baby Abbey at 11 weeks, Cookie and Shooter puppy.  Dad was taking her out
each day so he could get the paper, she figured it out and ran out the door, got the paper, brought it
to him and dropped it.  Mom couldn't believe it really happened that way, she is only 11 weeks.  So Jan
took the camera out and this is what she caught.  
There are 3 beds
for them to sleep
on.  Apparently
this is the best
one.  Reba
looking at Leroy.
Burton, 16
months old from
Abbey and Duke
The thumbnail
picture was
when he was 8
weeks old.  What
a gorgeous boy!!